Tree Roots in my sewer?

Broken Sewer Line

Tree Roots grow all throughout the ground. Once a sewer line gets installed the roots start to move closer and closer cause they need water to grow. Just so were clear roots also go when were in droughts. Tree roots are bad to have but don’t feel alone cause everyone has them one way or another. Stop waiting until a sewage back-up to get your drain lines cleaned. Drain lines should be treated just like going to a yearly doctor and dentist appointment. People that wait from going to the dentist find out they have cavities. Which all in all cost more to repair. Same with going to the doctor, they have to check us out or they may be something we don’t feel or see that is hurting us inside. Call Ken’s Sewer Service today and get set up on a maintenance program for your sewer line and let’s slow up the growth of tree roots.

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