Don’t waste natural water

People think that when there faucet starts to drip and a toilet start to run that maybe it will fix itself. Honestly, there wrong to think that. When i toilet start to run it’s a problem that should be address ASAP. Toilet leaks waste thousands of gallons of water and might even ruin your home. A drippy faucet adds up as well. Stop getting these high water bills from the city and get your drip address now. I sure know what I would do with the extra cash, do you?

Here are some figures:
“The average cost per gallon of water across the US is $0.002. (“In Denver, Colorado and Phoenix, AZ, tap water costs about $.001 per gallon. In Tucson, AZ, tap water costs about $0.0025 per gallon. It Pittsburgh, PA, Washington, DC, Boston, MA, and other east
coast cities, water costs around $.001. The average cost of water in
Los Angeles, California is about $0.004 per gallon.”)

That would mean 14 days X 24 hours X 60 minutes X 2 gallons = 40,320

At .002 cents per gallon, that comes to $80.64.”
“posted by Fuzzy Skinner”