The cool, new sink

What is a vessel Sink? It’s a hollow or concave utensil, as a cup, bowl, pitcher, or vase, used for holding liquids or other contents. Vessel sinks come in many different shapes and styles. Vessel sinks are primarily decorative, since the outer and inner areas of the sink are visible. A vessel sink can be carved from one large piece of glass or poured out of glass material for a much sleeker look. This is not like any other style sink, it’s unique. This sink sits on top of a solid surface. The first time you may have seen this sink might have been at a home and garden show, friend’s house or a hotel room. These sinks don’t only give homeowners mixed feelings but also designers and service contractors as well. These sinks are definitely a high light point of your bathroom. They give lots of charter but still most people don’t have them because of their cost.

Before purchasing a vessel style sink be sure you do your research. These sinks require some extra thought on placement and the drain used with them. The two different drains used with a vessel sink are called grid drains and popup drain. The Pop-up drain allows you to hold and release water from the bowl. Remember most these sinks don’t have an
overflow on them. Grid drains are just like shower drains where the water runs right down the drain. Also, make sure the faucet is placed in the right spot over the bowl, you don’t want splashing to occur while running the water. Though these sinks are very good looking make sure you look into all aspects before buying. Enjoy shopping.