Dishwashers & Floors

When installing a dishwasher make sure to take extra percussion. Many kitchen floors are wood now a days, so remember that water and wood don’t mix well. We always recommend installing tile in the kitchen. Kitchen’s are meant to be able to hold up to a lot of abuse. We tend to spend most our time in the kitchen cooking and entertaining. Center islands are becoming more and more relevant. Friends and families sit around the kitchen high tops to watch TV and relax, you may ask yourself why would people ever leave the kitchen?
Dishwashers are prone to leak one day and create a huge headache. It’s important to make sure your kitchen sink line is clean and you hire a professional to make sure the lines under your sink are open and running. Some people with wood floors in the kitchen tend to have their kitchen sink lines run twice a year for maintenance before a major problem occurs. Next time your replacing a dishwasher make sure to hire a professional.

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