How to find a sewer clean out in your yard?

Having a sewer line well over a hundred feet normally requires an outside clean out. First step in locating if you have an outside clean out is by calling your local sewer city department. Most the time they know where your sewer line taps into theirs which is extremely important as well. If the city doesn’t have records showing if you have an outside opening the next step is to hire a private plumbing contractor with camera technology. Make sure you tell them the length of camera you need, not all companies have the footage that will suit your needs. If your line is clean the camera will show a better picture, so have your line cleaned before you camera.
Once the camera goes into your sewer line they can check for openings that you might have in your yard. At that point a device will be used to find the camera underground from outside and pin point where that outside opening is located. Having an outside opening is worth all the money in the world to find for future problems.

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