When is the proper time to video tape your sewer line?

You might ask why is having your sewer line inspected so important?

Lots of older homes have cast iron or clay sewer lines. Those lines are fifty plus years old. When it comes time to repair a sewer line due to breaks, cracks or a collapsed line, people tend to replace only the problem section. Normally you can get by only having a one spot repair made. Having a one spot repair might get you another fifty years use out of your sewer line. Not often does an entire sewer line need to get replaced.

The price from making a one spot repair vs. replacing the entire line is thousands. Lots of plumbing companies make money by convincing homeowners to replace their entire sewer line. If and when you go through this problem consult at least two plumbing companies before making any drastic decision. If this problem happens to you during a weekend or major holiday it’s cheaper to stay at a hotel or at a friends house for a couple of days while consulting with different plumbers.

Having a sewer video inspection tells the story of your sewer line. The camera will show hair line cracks, major breaks, roots, missing pipe, and of course a collapsed line. Most clients having their sewer line cleaned annually and ask for an inspection every couple years to see the change difference. Don’t let any plumbing company talk you into replacing any amount of pipe unless absolutely needed.
When going to buy or sell a property always get your sewer line cleaned and inspected for your own safety. Call Ken’s Sewer Service to set up a cleaning and sewer inspection for your line today.
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