Ways to save money!

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Being in the plumbing and drain cleaning business for over thirty five years we try and save our clients money when we can. Just this past week a client got referred to us by a family member and told us she hasn’t had her main sewer line cleaned in seven years. After thirty minutes of hard working on drilling out roots from her sewer line we knew this would take longer then the normal. We explained to the homeowner that by waiting for a drain to clog isn’t the right time to clean it. Having sewer lines cleaned yearly even if their are no signs of roots is the way to go. This will end up making your line last longer.

Roots aren’t the only issues in sewer lines. Take a minute and think about all the debris that you put down your toilets, sinks, and showers. All of that debris passes right through your sewer line. If the debris doesn’t wash out into the city main you can guarantee parts of the debris will harden to the walls of your sewer line. If your line has low spots or a belly it’s smart to have your line cleaned yearly. Don’t let built-up occur.

Scale is another term used with sewer lines. Sharp blades scrape the walls of your sewer line to remove scale built-up. Are goal is to keep the circumference of your sewer pipe from closing. Having preventative maintenance on your sewer line will save you money in the long run.
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