Landscaping Secrets

Visualize what you want your landscaping to look like before you even think of picking up your shovel.

Draw a picture so you get an idea of what you want the final project to look like. Weather your making a retaining wall, stone patio or walkway you have to remember to take your time with the planning. After you start digging and playing around make sure you get all the weeds out of the area. No one wants those unfriendly weeds coming back. Next step is to spread a layer of new soil. If your landscaping against the house make sure you put some pitch away from the house for water run-off. The most important step is to tarp very well. Trust me you don’t want weeds to ever come back again.
The final step is the lay the rock, mulch or whatever topping you picked.
Enjoy, relax, stay hydrated & HAVE FUN!!!
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