Laundry Tubs Repair

There are so many different types of laundry tubs to choose from.

Old cement laundry tubs are now being replaced with plastic tubs. The old cement laundry tubs clog up more and some people as well don’t like the sight of them. People I’d say these days like the new sleek look. When choosing laundry tubs you have to decide between a double or single tub. In some cases the space you have will decide for you. One load of laundry will only fill up 1 single laundry tub. Don’t feel like you need to get a double just cause you already have one. Maybe it’s time to go with a single laundry tub and save space for shelves or anything else.
When going to buying a laundry tub faucet the only rule I have is don’t buy cheap. Spend at least $150 on a laundry tub faucet. This is a faucet that will last for years.
Call Ken’s Sewer Service to break up your old laundry tubs, install your new tub and faucet or repair your existing ones.
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