Frozen plumbing pipes in Minnesota

The Twin Cities has reached record low temperatures to go down in the books for January 2013. The arctic blast striking Minnesota is causing double digit, negative wind-chill temps, which can cause some serious problems. Not only is it dangerous if you get stranded outside your home, via car, or public transportation, but we are hearing from clients facing their biggest problems inside their homes. Frozen pipes are the biggest problem and we are on call to help you in this situation.
Tips to recognize that your problem is in fact a frozen pipe line:
–            No drainage
–             No water coming out from faucet
–            Busted water or drain line
Other issues you may encounter during the bitter cold in the Twin Cities:
–          Windows inside your home may sweat an ice up
–          Vents pipes clogging up, causing dripping due to trapped ventilation

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Stay warm out there!

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