Frozen outside exterior water source (sillcock)

This picture to me is just fascinating to me. Our company had a client that had a drippy outside exterior sillcock/hose bib and this is what happens. Temperatures in the negatives will cause this to happen to you if your faucet isn’t sealed tight. If your faucets drips before winter get it repaired and replaced so this doesn’t cause you major damage. All it takes is 32 degrees and colder to really make this happen.


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In the winter time walk around your property once a week. You never know what bizarre things are might find and what needs addressing ASAP. Be aware of what you have and what can possibly go wrong in the different temperature changes. If this pipe was not caught it time it would have possibly busted and leaked inside causing a huge mess and possibly major expense.
Flooding in or around your property can lead to major issues including mold.

Create a check list of items to check weekly in your home.

For example:
1. Water meter – Make sure your water meter is properly working and not running unnecessarily.
2. Check your heat settings – Make sure your furnace is working to par.
3. Water lines – Check your basement water lines to make sure there is no pin hole leaks
4. Outside Water Faucets – In the winter especially make sure their is no dripping.

If your experiencing drippy anywhere in your house for example from your sinks, tubs or toilets get that item repaired and looked at right away. Dripping and wasted water adds up on your monthly water bill.

If you have experienced any major plumbing issue please write back and share with us your stories. We’d like to hear from you.

Don’t get surprised and left out in the cold

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