Roots from sewer line systems

Roots are the number one key to having a clogged or broken sewer lines.


Roots are something that you can be maintained by cleaning your sewer line yearly. Unless you have a broken pipe and the line can’t be cleaned. Don’t let a plumbing company dig your line just to dig. Excavation is not always the right answer, most the time it’s not. By letting your sewer line clog up with roots and then having to call a drain cleaner for service isn’t the proper way to handle the situation.
If your sewer line tends to have yearly back ups, your not alone. Most houses have roots in their sewer lines. Just make sure you don’t neglect your sewer line and you will be fine. Set up for maintenance cleaning on your sewer line.
90% of our clients are set up on annual cleaning of their sewer lines.
Maintenance is always cheaper then to wait until your line backs up.
Let Ken’s Sewer Service help remove roots from your sewer line. \
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