Plumber Golden Valley, MN 24 Hour Emergency Service

Unclogging bathtubs and Shower drains aren’t always a pretty sight.

root hair

By taking a shower or bath your drain gets all sorts of debris and sludge get built up inside. Drains can only handle so much debris before they get jammed packed and then clog up. In the picture above you see hair and other slimy debris our company pulled from ones bathtub drain line. Here in Golden Valley Ken’s Sewer Service can help you unplug your shower drain. If you know of drains that get clogged up in your home periodically you should have them cleaned on maintenance before a plugs begins. Never put any sort of chemical based product down any of your drains.
Golden Valley Plumbers want to help you with any of your next clogged drain or plumbing projects.
Call your local Ken’s Sewer Service Golden Valley Plumber Today.
Don’t wait for the weekend or holiday to call.

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