Oreck vacuums for sale

Before a year ago I have never enjoyed the luxury of owning a name brand vacuum cleaner on the market today. Oreck is an outstanding business with really spectacular products. Everything from upright vacuums to backpack fun to the Orbiter have made my life at home much easier. Cleaning use to be a chore and take so long and now it’s almost fun and quick. All the Oreck products I’ve purchased I have enjoyed greatly.

I came across looking for a new vacuum about a year ago when my old clunky grandparents vacuums finally gave in. Shopping around and going to different vacuum stores was not much fun but after many weeks of searching and comparing Oreck truly seemed better then the other competition. My first Oreck vacuum was the U2000 H2. Which meant that it was a two speed commercial grade vacuums. After the first time of using this vacuum I will never look for another vacuum. It’s light, picks up all debris and most important easy on the back. A year went buy and I decided to buy the compact vacuum cleaner that is strong enough to lift up a 16 pound bowling ball. Mainly using this product to thoroughly clean stairs and hard to reach places. Great for boats, cars, ceiling fans and much more.

About a year later after I finished tiling my house I decided I need to get the Steam-It. This product has been wonderful for all my wood and tile floor in my house. From shinning up floors to removing sticky spots this has been another wonderful Oreck product added to me collection.

I hope this article helps anyone that’s debating what vacuum to purchase. Now since I’ve tried and bought these products I as well sell Oreck vacuums. If you have any questions or want to put an order in please call 612-501-9984

We sell both residential and commercial Oreck vacuums and have a minimum or selling 2 units.

Thanks and I truly hope I can help.

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