Drain cover, Drain plugs, Clean-out plugs for sale in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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The wonderful part about these plugs even though they might be $10 more then a drain plug at the store is that it’s code approved. Which means when going to sell a house your inspector will like the drain cover you have installed.

Drain cover and plugs

Drain cover and plugs

Drain covers are important being in busy for almost 40 years we have seen some pretty ugly no good working drain covers. When toilet are flushed or any water is being used in the house the water will leak right though the drain covers. This cover if installed right (which is very easy) will not leak on you. Having the proper drain cover to make a tight seal is very important when talking about drain cleaning. Drain plugs are easy to buy cheap but they don’t last. If installed and taken off the proper way you’ll have a plug that lasts.

Stop being cheap when buying a drain cover or plug and call us today at Ken’s Sewer Service who can sell you a cover that works.

Ken’s Sewer Service installs covers after cleaning main sewer lines for free. The cost of the cover is there but taking the old cover off and installing the new drain cover is 100% free. Most companies will charge $40 plus to remove and install a new drain plug clean out cover plus they will charge you the cost of the cover.

Stop being taken advantage of by other drain cleaning companies and plumbing companies around town and hire a company that’s been around for almost 40 years and trusted by your family, friends and most important your fellow neighbors.

Ken’s Sewer Service now selling drain clean out covers for residential and commercial properties.

Minneapolis/ St. Paul Ken’s Sewer Service has drain cover for your need.

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