Is your house power out & your sump pump not working?

Every year in different areas of the state or country this becomes a big problem. When power is lost and no back up generator is around flooding in your basement and home becomes a real life nightmare. When icky nasty black water comes up in your basement and doesn’t get pumped outside this becomes real life stress. Sump pumps are meant to collect ground water around your foundation and pump it out your house far enough not to come back in. Sometimes when power is lost if no generator is around there’s nothing you can do besides hope and pray.

This past year in Minneapolis when we had that flash flood with top wind speeds we saw disasters not only to one or two homes, but to hundreds. This storm didn’t only keep the tree business busy for months after but it kept plumbers busy as well. It got to the point where we had to order sump pumps from other states when MN sold out for a couple weeks.

Ken’s Sewer Service was responsive to every call we got. We greatly appreciate all the past clients that put faith in us during a time of tragedy. Thanks to all the our clients as well.

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