Leave It To The Pros

Almost each and every house, commercial facility that has a working sewer system has roots somewhere in their line. If they don’t consider them lucky and one of the few.

Large Tree sewer Roots Minneapolis MN

Large Tree sewer Roots Minneapolis MN

Tree roots that intrude sewer line is no joke and can be quite serious some day. Maybe tomorrow and maybe 10 years from now but addressing the issue and understanding how to proceed is very crucial and can save you thousands of dollars. Cleaning a sewer system yearly or more is the way to treat the issue at hand until it can’t be cleaned or opened. Think of it as going in for an oil change or a cleaning at the dentist. Property owners that don’t address their sewer line with a professional company will end up with a much higher expense. Cleaning your sewer line each year might cost you anywhere from $175-$375 depending on how long your line is and how often it has been cleaning professionally in the past. Remember, not everyone that cleans sewer lines cleans them properly. Next time your sewer line backs up get a referral from a family member of friend. Also, there are websites like Yelp and Angie’s List that are very good resources.

When people think of drain cleaning they think icky dirty gross work and it is but don’t for one second think it’s easy work. Drain and sewer cleanings work very hard to open and clear lines. Sometimes drain lines may take additional time depending on their condition. No two sewer lines are the same, they all shift and collapse differently and in their own way.

Ken’s Sewer Service has helped thousands of customers save money by cleaning their lines to prevent excavations. Most the time we can clean yearly but if you wait you will have issues that you don’t want.

Main sewer line cleaning is a specialty job and you shouldn’t do it yourself and you also shouldn’t hire someone just cause the price is cheaper. Ask family members and friends who’ve they used in the past and make sure you do your due diligence before moving forward. It may seem like an emergency which it is but sometimes just calling the professionals can calm you down even before coming out.

It’s our goal to help and address your situation the right way from the start.

Main sewer line cleaning and any drain cleaning, “leave it to the pros.”

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