Sump Pump Basket Water Flowing

Most sumps pumps work when we don’t need them, but what happens when we do?

Sump Pump Basket Water Flowing

Sump Pump Basket Water Flowing

This year was outrageous for how many flooded basements we serviced from ground water and failure of sump pumps. If you have an older sump pump get it replaced even if it is working. Depending on how often they run will determine their life. Some homes have tons a ground water and those pumps won’t last as long and they might need bigger and more expensive pumps as well. It’s not fun to come home to a flooded basement, so make sure you do your due diligence and research what you should do about your own sump pump.

Call Ken’s Sewer Service today to set up an appointment to replace your existing pump or to install a new sump pump basket system. We get the question all the time do some houses have 2 sump pump’s and the answer is, YES.

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