Hydro Water Jetting – Can’t believe what we find!

Drain cleaning is such a need in our world. Everyone seems to throw everything and anything down drains. Weather their your kitchen, sink, tub or toilets drains anything around in sight goes down the toilet and away it goes.

Hydro Water Jetting Shop Towels In Line

Hydro Water Jetting Shop Towels In Line

First of all not everything that goes down drains come out the other side. There are low lines, dipped lines, sagging lines, drain lines that may have offsets, and very long twisty and turny main sewer line in this world. The picture shows a main sewer line we unclogged that was over 200ft and had several heavy shop towels in the drain line, plus it was frozen on top of that.

Hydro Water Jetting is a great service to use on greasy, extra long, bad accessible clean outs, paper plugged drain lines. Just about every line should be hydro jetted and then camera inspected to see the condition of your sewer main drain. You’ll be surprised at what you see. Hydro jetting is also great for removing heavy tree roots from lines.

Call us and set up your hydro-jetting today!

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