Why are tree roots an obsession

Nasty, Right? Read below and let’s stop this from happening to your property.

Main Sewer Line Tree Root Obstruction

Main Sewer Line Tree Root Obstruction

Let’s start off and state that tree roots are not an obsession but they are important to get rid of each and every year. It’s our job as the industry to advise homeowners especially newer younger first time homeowners, that cleaning the main sewer line is just as important as getting the oil changed in your car. Without oil or very low amounts of oil, your car will not run and even worse off may need major repairs. Same like tree-root growth inside ones sewer system that we can’t visually see. In life when things aren’t seen their forgotten about entirely. In every sewer line weather new or old roots will find there way inside your line. Tree roots will wiggle and squeeze their way inside the tiniest of cracks and seams to find their water source. Once they obstruct the sewer system and get in the potential in growth is comparable to a weed in your garden. Cutting out tree roots each year is the same as getting your oil checked. Roots will destroy and break your sewer system pipe so keep up on your yearly maintenance and call us today!

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