Spring is here

The last two weeks during the heavy melting and rain storm we got hundreds of calls from clients who had flooded basements and clogged drain lines. We have never seen such a panic before. We know that if you don’t need to spend money then why do so. What homeowners need to understand, is that drain cleaning maintenance is no different then getting a haircut or having an oil change on your car. It just needs to be scheduled, unless your drain clogs up before hand. Our clients that had the worst flooding in their homes and commercial buildings were the ones that did not schedule maintenance on their drain lines before the heavy melting.

Main sewer lines are the service to the city main line that carries everything we put down our drains. If these drains have any issues (and most do) then a major back-up can happen when you least expect it. The average property damage we saw in the last couple weeks was well over four thousand dollars.

It still is not to late to schedule service on one of the following:

  • Main sewer line cleaning
  • Floor drain and trap cleaning
  • Laundry tub cleaning
  • Sump pump tests
  • Camera sewer line inspections

Spring has arrived and just started which normally means heavy rain fall is coming. Keep in mind just because your property did not get affected by the melting the last couple weeks this does not mean that you will not be affected coming up. All it takes is one discharge some evening of your water softener to flood and ruin your basement. Check your basement daily and be the best home owner you can be.

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