Are you tired of back-up sewage getting into your basement?

Over the past several years, Ken’s Sewer Service has noticed a growing trend of new clientele who regularly schedule to have their main sewer lines cleaned and homeowners who are actively choosing to rectify the ‘trouble’ areas in their main sewer line. It is very common for clients who have lived in their homes for decades to clean out their main sewer line yearly, or sooner if they develop any back-up in their basement drain. While our younger generation of homeowners is proactively approaching to restore main sewer lines with camera inspections and necessary repairs/replacements as to minimize issues for years to come. Please keep in mind, even when you repair a section or sections of your main sewer line pipe, you still need to clean the line annually at the very least. It is very important to cut out the roots, remove hygiene products and hair, grease and soap build-up that have hardened to the pipe walls. This build-up or ‘fatberg’ (interesting topic for our next blog) typically results in restrictive water flow and debris unable to pass along and move through to its final destination, which is the city’s main line. It’s best to eliminate the possibility of untimely and emergency back-ups into your basement, sinks, tubs and toilets with regular cleaning.

If you are in need or curious to view a camera inspection of your main sewer line to see if you are a candidate for repairs or a routine scheduled cleaning, please call Ken’s Sewer Service today and schedule an appointment. We have been in the industry long enough to understand and know what you need accomplished, what you don’t, and the best referral for your excavation needs.

Being a proud property owner has its perks and pits, and you can trust that Ken’s Sewer has the experience and knowledge to handle your ‘pit’ situation correctly the first time so you can relax and enjoy the perks.

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