Don’t Forget To Add These Items To Your Spring Maintenance List

While most of us are anticipating the spring thaw and appreciate the change of seasons in Minnesota, the weather undoubtedly has an impact on our homes’ exterior features. Maintaining each of these items is essential for your home to function properly. And, even if you don’t end up putting in the work, it’s a great excuse to get outside after a cold and snowy winter. Check out this short list of suggestions, take a walk around your property to assess any major or minor repairs and projects… and, as always, contact Ken’s Sewer Service for all of your plumbing and drain cleaning needs.

Main Line Preventative Maintenance
So, for this one you don’t exactly need to go outside. When the snow melts and the ground temperature is above freezing, tree root growth becomes active again. This means it’s possible for the roots on the move to grow into your main sewer line. Roots trap all sorts of debris that slows the water flow and potentially could cause the line to fully back-up. Don’t get stuck in an emergency back-up situation that could cause your basement to flood with sewage and/or toilet and tub clogged. I always suggest being proactive and having a scheduled annual main sewer and drain line cleaning.

Outside Water Line
Typically, each home has at least one exterior spigot. Test to make sure there are no leaks or cracks. Consider replacing your sillcock faucet if there are any issues.

Roof and Gutter Inspection/Cleaning
Harsh winter storms can cause damage to all types of roofing material. If even one or two shingles are missing or damaged, spring and summer storms only exacerbate the issue, potentially causing interior damage from leaks. Make sure to clean out your gutters and downspouts. Leaves, sticks and dirt can clog the gutters causing roof leaks and water damage both inside and outside of your home. Clogged gutters and downspouts also attract rodents, insects and mold. Reattach sagging gutters, caulk any holes, or consider replacement if they are beyond repair. Also, make sure to clear debris out of the egress window wells.

Air Conditioning Unit
Remove debris from around the unit, replace filters and clean ducts and vents. If your filters are clogged, air won’t pass as easily through and your unit must work harder to cool your home. Clogged filters can lead to lower air quality. These steps may be able to lower your energy consumption and prolong the life of your air conditioning unit. A yearly tune-up is always recommended as well.

Inspect wood decking, railings, stairs for repairs and resealing, not only for safety but for maintaining the longevity of your deck; inspect wood fencing for damaged or loose panels and boards.

Exterior Siding / Materials
Walk around to make sure there are no holes or gaps in your siding, cracks in stucco or crumbling brick. A visual inspection of your chimney for the same potential damage is also a good idea.

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