Planning and Starting Your Spring Tasks List

I talked about an exterior Spring Maintenance List in a previous blog about a month ago, so make sure to check that out for some great suggestions as well. Today, I am going to follow up with a few additional tasks to think about in the coming weeks. It’s difficult to predict exactly when our nicer Minnesota Spring weather will begin (hopefully soon!), but please read through my checklist below so you’ll be ready to garden, entertain, relax and enjoy.

First, head to the basement and check for any signs of water intrusion from snow melt and spring rain storms. Glance around your hot water heater, boiler or HVAC for signs of leaking water and change/clean your filters, check to make sure your sump pump and back-up is working properly, pull out dehumidifiers and clean out the tank, take any lawn/garden items out if you keep them in your basement storage, turn on the exterior water faucet – check to make sure there are no leaks in the piping and shut-off valves. If you have any issues with plumbing leaks, don’t hesitate or ignore these issues as they will not fix themselves and only worsen over time.

Plan your shopping list for new or replacement lawn/garden tools; soil, compost, organic mulch, wood chips; fertilizer/grass seed; starter plants and flowers; yard waste bags.

  • Attach garden hoses (assess if you need any new hoses, sprinkler heads or exterior spigot repair/replacement).
  • Check the gutters and downspouts and clean out any debris.
  • Sweep the patio, deck, walkways, garage floor and driveway (address any minor or major cracks).
  • Wash/wipe off and/or hose down any outdoor furniture, kid’s playsets/toys, decorative items.
  • Wash out your garbage/recycling bins.
  • Wash exterior windows and storm doors. Install your window screens. Pay attention to cracks and damage.
  • Give the charcoal or gas grill a good cleaning. Check the gas grill burner jets for clogs or obstructions, make certain your gas line is connected properly and there are no leaks, see if you need to replace the propane tank.
  • Remove/clip dead leaves/stalks from perennials and ornamental grasses. Weed invasive growth. Prune away dead and damaged tree/shrub branches. 
  • Pick up sticks/branches, rocks, dog waste, inorganic materials.
  • Check for any insect/pest infestations and rodent nesting.
  • When the temps have exceeded 50 degrees for at least 5-7 days, rake the lawn / dethatch, aerate and seed/fertilize/sod, if necessary.
  • Perform any necessary lawn mower maintenance – change oil, clean/replace air filter, treal old fuel with a stabilizer, check/sharpen blades, change the spark plug, clean the underside. Buy gas or charge up the battery and start up the mower to make sure it’s in good shape.

While you are working diligently to prepare your yard for Spring and Summer enjoyment, contact Ken’s Sewer Service for your annual drain cleaning, plumbing repairs or replacements. We serve all of the Twin Cities Metro Area and look forward to hearing from you soon.