7 Simple Cleaning Tasks You Can Accomplish Everyday

There are many benefits of keeping a clean and organized home. Many say it helps to improve your mindset and mood, reduce stress and anxiety, reduce allergy symptoms, contributes to a more restful sleep and saves money. I find a light cleaning of at least one room a day or completing a much delayed task is a bit therapeutic, and it always helps to keep the daunting task of a deeper cleaning of the whole house easier and less time consuming. It’s important for the reasons I listed above to get into or continue the good habit of picking up after yourself. And, if you can somehow and miraculously get your kids to do the same, I’m sure you’ll start to see all of the positive effects! Keeping dirt, dust, water spots and grime at bay prolongs the life and look of your fixtures and faucets, floors and appliances.

We all know the kitchen, bathrooms and high traffic areas need the most regular attention, so please use this list to implement into your daily routine.

  • In the morning, make the beds and bring any cups or trash to the kitchen
  • Pick up clutter from the family/living room, dining table and kitchen – organize or toss
  • Unload the dishwasher and/or load the dishwasher from any previous night’s dinner or late-night snacks, and wipe down the counters/sink/faucet
  • Do a once over on the bathrooms – pick up towels/clothes (typically from the kids), wipe out sinks, wipe down faucets and counters, wipe the toilet and empty the trash, if needed
  • Dust any neglected surfaces you see as you move around 
  • In high-traffic areas, run the vacuum and dry clean hard surface floors
  • Check to see if you need to throw at least one load in the wash

While you are moving around from room to room, please make sure to pay attention to how efficiently your sink, bathtub, shower, toilet, floor drain and laundry tub are draining. And, check your plumbing pipes and valves to assess any leaks or corrosion.

If you are experiencing a clogged or slow drain, main line back-up or leaky pipes or fixtures, please contact us without delay.