Do you have a stubborn bathtub that you can not seem to drain?

For plumbers, bathtub drains are the hardest drains to unclog. They are narrow and often wedged in tight spaces, and most plumbers outright refuse to unclog them. Fortunately, they also happen to be the easiest to prevent from clogging. Below is the easiest why for preventative maintenance on your bathtub drain line.

1. Buy a cheap hair catcher and make sure to empty it after every use of showering. This will prolong you from having a drain technician or plumber coming out to your house and charging you a service call.

What shouldn’t be put down your garbage disposal?

1. Drano/other drain cleaners
-Drano products are not meant to be used for garbage disposals because they are too strong. Drain cleaning products contain chemicals specifically made for clearing blockages of inorganic materials – things like hair and sludge build-up – in bathtub drains. It is a foaming solution designed to dissolve inorganic buildup while simultaneously not causing damage to the heavy drains and pipes that make up your bathtub. As a result of this, the chemicals in Drano products are extremely corrosive in nature, and can eat away at the plastic lining of your garbage disposal, ultimately destroying it.

2. Cooking Oil
-Leftover cooking oil from frying pans – such as coconut oil, canola oil and olive oil – cool down after being taken off the stove top. When cooking greasy, fatty foods in these substances, the oil can harden and solidify after cooling down completely, often turning to a yellowish color. (If you fry bacon or any other pork product on a frying pan, it eventually turns to lard). This is especially true with coconut oil, which is solid at room temperature and liquefies in hot temperatures. Oils may be liquid when you pour them down your drain, but as they cool down, they can solidify, and eventually create blockages and clog your garbage disposal.

3. Inorganic materials
-Garbage disposals are also known as food disposals, so it should go without reason to say that anything other than solid food should not be placed into it. This includes eating utensils like forks and spoons – metal and plastic alike. The same also applies for straws, napkins and other eating utensils and accessories. Garbage disposals are not built to handle heavy, hard objects like metals and most plastics. In many cases, they will end up destroying your garbage disposal entirely. But keep in mind to much food scarp will also clog the sink drain line bends and eventually develop a impossible clog to rid of unless you hire a professional.

Garbage disposals are meant for disposing chunks of food leftover from plates and other dishware. Putting anything else in them will likely end up destroying the disposal, and will cost you more money in the long run to replace it.

Are you experiencing a water leak?

Are you experiencing a water leak?

Are you experiencing a water leak?

Now, I know this picture may not be your home or commercial building but believe me, this is what we see everyday when we enter into a flooded home. If you have any minor leaks get them fixed before you end up “flooded” like the swimming pool picture above.

Does your Laundry Tub Drain this good?

When arriving to our clients house they had clogged laundry tubs that we’re overflowing and the floor drain beneath was clogged too. After running our cables down both drains we had these drains draining better then they ever have before. Did you know that if your laundry tubs or floor drain are clogged you could experience flooding on your basement floor. Your water softener discharges several gallons of water and having your drain open and working will keep your basement from flooding and keep damage to a minimum if any at all.

Does your restaurant stink?

We service clogged/slow drains for residential and commercial properties. Restaurant clients seem to back up all the time because of all debris gets shoved down their drains. We strive to help out each and every customer as service requests come in. The drain below was very hard to open but after spending enough time on the job we got everything opening and business running.

Call us next time you’re experiencing a slow or backed up drain.

Commercial restaurant floor drain grease plug

Do you garden?

At work we had some time to finish up our garden project. If you look at the neighbor we also had weeds all the way up to the top of the fence. There we’re several steps but we finally finished and now we hope the grass will grow. After days of weeding, removing dirt, tilling, pulling out the old tarps that were located in the ground we got to the best part today which was watching the seed get watered.

Let us know, do you have an outside garden project this year? if so, what is it?

Have you ever planted seed before and did it grow or did you have another product that worked better?


Does your Garbage Can Stink?

Today I finally had some time to clean our residential garbage can and make it look nice and clean.

Does you’re garbage can stink?

Does you’re garbage can have bugs crawling all around it?

Does you garbage can attract unwanted animals?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions you should take twenty minutes out of you’re day and clean you trash can before you have icky smells and unwanted animals lingering around your property.

On a side note, would you pay someone to clean your trash can?

garbage can

Kitchen sink drains

Most every property has a kitchen sink drain line. Some have older pipes and others are newer plastic pipes. But they all have one thing in common, they all get used heavily and they all end up getting clogged at some point in time.

Clients ask me all the time, is it good or bad to have a garbage disposal. I tell my client if you do not treat the garbage disposal like a trash can and you know how to properly use the garbage disposal then it’s a great amenity for your kitchen. I tell all my clients the same answer.

Whether you have a garbage disposal unit or not you’re kitchen sink drain line will get clogged up time to time. Clients also ask me if it’s a good idea to have their kitchen sink drain lines snaked out and cleaned time to time on maintenance. I explain to my client that a drain pipe gets used and they get very greasy and sludgy and that it’s a good idea to get them flushed and snaked before a clog happens. This will also make it a easier fix if your drain line does get clogged in the future.

If you want to schedule a kitchen sink drain line cleaning on maintenance or if you happen to have a slow draining or clogged kitchen sink drain line please call us today.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Spring is here

The last two weeks during the heavy melting and rain storm we got hundreds of calls from clients who had flooded basements and clogged drain lines. We have never seen such a panic before. We know that if you don’t need to spend money then why do so. What homeowners need to understand, is that drain cleaning maintenance is no different then getting a haircut or having an oil change on your car. It just needs to be scheduled, unless your drain clogs up before hand. Our clients that had the worst flooding in their homes and commercial buildings were the ones that did not schedule maintenance on their drain lines before the heavy melting.

Main sewer lines are the service to the city main line that carries everything we put down our drains. If these drains have any issues (and most do) then a major back-up can happen when you least expect it. The average property damage we saw in the last couple weeks was well over four thousand dollars.

It still is not to late to schedule service on one of the following:

  • Main sewer line cleaning
  • Floor drain and trap cleaning
  • Laundry tub cleaning
  • Sump pump tests
  • Camera sewer line inspections

Spring has arrived and just started which normally means heavy rain fall is coming. Keep in mind just because your property did not get affected by the melting the last couple weeks this does not mean that you will not be affected coming up. All it takes is one discharge some evening of your water softener to flood and ruin your basement. Check your basement daily and be the best home owner you can be.

Call to schedule an appointment:



Sewer Excavation

No one thinks about their sewer line when buying a house until it backs up and creates major damage. Our company works side by side with hundreds of realtors to keep them understanding and having them explain to the clients that camera inspecting a sewer line prior to buying a home is very crucial. Having a mortgage on top of having a sewer repair under a year from living in a home is not a pleasant sight.

Having said that, keeping up on your sewer line cleanings are just as important as getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist or getting your car a oil change. We have maintenance programs that will help remind us to call you in the future before you have any issues.

When it comes time to have a repair made on your main sewer line system or an entire replacement call us today to schedule a FREE estimate. Let us help you move in the right direction.