Video Camera Inspection

Sewer Inspection

Clients ask us all the time what information can be gathered from a camera inspection of my sewer line.

1. Why did my main sewer line clog up in the first place?

2. How severe is the problem and will it continue?

3. Is the sewer line cracked or broken?

4. Where is the actual problem? Is it on my property/yard or in the street? Maybe under my home?

5. Where does my main sewer line run? Some clients have retaining walls and porches in the way.

6. What if I choose not to repair the issue?

What is a Camera Inspection?

Ken’s Sewer Service offers a wide range of drain cleaning services, one of which includes main sewer line camera video inspection documentation. A camera is a very important tool we use that diagnoses the inside of a sewer system properly. Being able to clean a sewer line with blades and snakes might only be the first step to cleaning a sewer line. Inspecting a sewer drain line is beneficial for both residential and commercial property owners. We recommend if you’re purchasing a new property, have the seller camera inspect their sewer line before you get stuck with major repair costs. If the seller will not pay for a camera inspection, do your due diligence and spend the money to camera the main drain yourself.

What are some reasons to inspect a sewer line?

• Over time the ground shifts & settles and may result in low sagging and bellied lines. Which ultimately means sewage will not drain properly.

• Tree roots may have intruded into the joints or cracks in your sewer pipe. Tree roots will grow, catch debris and block up your sewer, which will prevent sewage from flowing properly to the city connection.

• Harmful chemicals that may have been used in sewer lines to remove tree roots may have seriously damaged the sewer pipe.

• In general, sewer pipes that were installed with the age of older homes are nearing the end of their life.

• Normal everyday wear and tear on a sewer pipe eventually breaks down and weakens.

• Having a camera inspection done on a house over 10 years old if you’re looking to purchase it is a good idea. Do your due diligence.

Pros to having a sewer line camera inspected?

• A camera inspection provides information on the sewer line whether there is debris, offsets or a broken piece of tile.

• Video inspections will provide an owner of the condition of their sewer line.

• A camera will provide information about the length of the sewer line.

• A camera will show if there are any foreign objects obstructing your sewer line. For example, a gas line or any other utility line that may have punctured through.

Cons to having a sewer line camera inspected?

• Honestly, there are none.

Here at Ken’s Sewer Service we have the technology to camera video inspect your main sewer line and answer all of the questions you may have.