Floor Drains

The floor drain is located at the lowest point on your basement floor, and the drain line runs underneath your basement floor and connects directly to your main sewer line. Your floor drain is a plumbing fixture designed to remove possible standing water from heavy rain, condensation from an HVAC unit, leaking water heater, broken washing machine hose, overflowing laundry tub, etc. It typically consists of a drain grate/cover. Make sure to keep this cover clean of any debris. You may also have multiple floor drains, a garage floor drain or yard drain. Ken’s Sewer Service cleans all types of drains, including commercial residential, commercial business and restaurant / food-service industry drains.

When water backs up out of a floor drain, it typically means there is a clog in the main line, not the floor drain itself. When water is sent through a drain line from the basement laundry tub, bathtub, toilet or upper fixture, and there is a main line clog, the water is looking for the first place to move and escape, and that would be the floor drain.

Keeping your floor drain clean is just as important as keeping your main sewer line clean. You can use some home remedies for maintenance to help keep your drain lines clear. We suggest the vinegar and baking soda method be used quarterly.  You can always use this method on tubs, showers and sinks. It’s safe and effective for all types of pipes.

  1. Pour one gallon of boiling water down the drain.
  2. Pour one cup of baking soda and one cup white distilled vinegar solution down the drain.
  3. Wait 20-30 minutes.
  4. Pour at least one gallon of boiling water down the drain again.

Most homeowners trust who they hire to come out to resolve the situation, but remember most homeowners have no idea what to do and where to turn unless they have handled this situation before. Ken’s Sewer Service has been around for over fifty years and we have continued to earn our clients’ trust.

Clients who are looking for a maintenance program to keep up with the cleanings can also call us and get that scheduled so you can worry less about what is happening in an underground pipe that most people forget about.

Sewer lines need to be kept up with and dealt with before major issues arise. A sewer repair isn’t cheap and with routine cleanings you may prevent an issue from ever happening. Call Ken’s Sewer Service to schedule any service for backed up drain lines, or if you would like to get set up on a maintenance program. We also have the ability to camera inspect your sewer line and get a current, up to date condition of your sewer line for ideas of how to maintain your line properly. We look forward to hearing from you.