Main Sewer Line Cleaning




Below we have a chart of many of the services that we offer. The plumbing system in your house is designed to carry and move all water and debris that you put down a sink, tub or toilet to the city sewer line. We all know life is busy and no one really remembers about their sewer system unless they have encountered a previous issue before, or if someone has told you what to watch out for. Having a serious sewer line issue due to a back-up or flooded basement is never fun whether you’re a first time home buyer or not.

Some identifications that a sewer system is starting to have issues will be a slow drain in your home or a basement toilet that is gurgling or is bubbling. Also, take a minute and if you notice your basement floor drain looks wet, this is something to watch out for and call in a professional before it worsens. Clients call us everyday and tell us they tried to fix their issue, and we tell them unless a professional has come out and tried with professional grade equipment that it’s time for them to call in the pro and get the job done right. Our company, Ken’s Sewer Service, also specializes in second opinion analysis. If the job can’t get done after cabling and it needs the next step, we will point you in the right direction. Please remember that some companies will start cleaning your sewer drain with a tool called a water jetter, and unless they have tried a cable first or you have special prior information stating that your sewer drain requires a water jetter, they may be straight up taking advantage of you.

Most homeowners trust who they hire to come out to resolve the situation, but remember most homeowners have no idea what to do and where to turn unless they have handled this situation before. Ken’s Sewer Service has been around for over fifty years and we have continued to earn our clients’ trust.

Clients who are looking for a maintenance program to keep up with the cleanings can also call us and get that scheduled so you can worry less about what is happening in an underground pipe that most people forget about.

Sewer lines need to be kept up with and dealt with before major issues arise. A sewer repair isn’t cheap and with routine cleanings you may prevent an issue from ever happening. Call Ken’s Sewer Service to schedule any service for backed up drain lines, or if you would like to get set up on a maintenance program. We also have the ability to camera inspect your sewer line and get a current, up to date condition of your sewer line for ideas of how to maintain your line properly. If you are in need of a repair we can also point you in the right direction. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Toilet Repair & Install
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Sillcocks (exterior outside water faucets)
Ice Makers
Faucets Repair and Replacement
Sink Repair & Install
Broken Copper Pipes
Copper Water Leak
Water Lines
Shut-off Valves
Pin-Hole Copper Leaks
Cast Iron & Galvanized Drain Pipes Leaking
Copper Pipe Installation
PVC Pipe Install Repair
Pipe Repair
Frozen Lines Thawed
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Sump Pumps
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Backed Up Drains & Blocked Drain Pipes
Sewer Line Excavation
Rooter Drain Lines
Rooter Drain Services
Rooter Rooter
Roto Rooting

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