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Amazing plumbing faucet for purchase

There are several brands of plumbing fixtures that you can choose to buy but Chicago faucets is one brand we recommend for commercial use.

Chicago Faucets & More!

We believe since plumbing gets used each and every day you should buy on the higher end then the lower end. Be smart when shopping for plumbing fixtures. Make sure you get what your looking for and don’t have to make several trips until your happy with what you bought.

Ken’s Sewer Service would like the chance at tackling your next plumbing emergency or plumbing project. Everyday we repair major home wrecking water leaks to installing toilets & faucets.

Ken’s Sewer Service handles all plumbing projects from simple to complex job. Drain cleaning & plumbing 24 hour emergencies. 24 hours including service on the weekends.


What’s growing in your sewer system?

You never know what’s inside your sewer line until you clean and camera your line.
Hire Ken’s Sewer Service for your next drain/sewer cleaning and video camera inspection.

Top 10 ways to save money!

1. Make your own coffee
2. Bike ride in the summer to the health club
3. Carpool with a friend to work (or take the bus)
4. Collect your change in a jar
5. Limit your dining out (cook at home often)
6. Check your home for water leaks
7. Run all your errands together while your out
8. Mow your own lawn
9. Avoid ATM fees
10. Avoid vending machines

The above list is great for every individual to work on. Good luck and happy savings.