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Make a bad situation look good

Having gone another week in the plumbing & drain cleaning business we have helped several more clients. This week alone we saved a handful of clients from digging their main sewer line. Weather it’s a single spot repair or needing a entirely new sewer line our company Ken’s Sewer Service cleaned their line so that they didn’t have to do either of those. Most of these clients used bigger named companies in town first to try and help them and then found us for their second opinion before they excavated parts of their sewer line. Some drain cleaning and plumbing companies would rather dig then spend some time cleaning to prove 100% that they even need to dig.

There are so many questions to answer before you want anyone digging your sewer line. Make sure you hire a company that has been around decade after decade and will lead you in the proper direction. Ken’s Sewer Service takes several steps before they determine to dig any sewer line. Some lines just need to be worked and cleaned more and some need digging. Sometimes you can clean a sewer line and get drainage and prolong excavation for several years.

Please try out Ken’s Sewer Service before you dig make sure you do your due diligence before spending thousands of dollars and digging your sewer line.

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Commercial Emergency Kitchen Sink Leaking & Broke Away From Wall

When this happen in a commercial restaurant 30 minutes before opening it becomes a real life nightmare. Getting a restaurant ready to open each day is challenging enough but now add a problem like a plumbing problem. When a commercial kitchen goes from 3 plus sinks to only 1 or 2 cooking becomes hard.

Sink clogged & broke away from wall

Sink clogged & broke away from wall

In the picture above at this commercial kitchen right before opening they had an old pipe connected to the wall disconnect and break at the wall. When removing the old pipe we also noticed the break went further into the wall. After figuring out how to begin to tackle this issue we started putting the drain back together. After a couple hours we fixed the leak and repaired the drain pipe properly.

If you manage or own a restaurant try and be proactive when it comes to fixing old stuff before a real issue arises.