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Commercial Emergency Kitchen Sink Leaking & Broke Away From Wall

When this happen in a commercial restaurant 30 minutes before opening it becomes a real life nightmare. Getting a restaurant ready to open each day is challenging enough but now add a problem like a plumbing problem. When a commercial kitchen goes from 3 plus sinks to only 1 or 2 cooking becomes hard.

Sink clogged & broke away from wall

Sink clogged & broke away from wall

In the picture above at this commercial kitchen right before opening they had an old pipe connected to the wall disconnect and break at the wall. When removing the old pipe we also noticed the break went further into the wall. After figuring out how to begin to tackle this issue we started putting the drain back together. After a couple hours we fixed the leak and repaired the drain pipe properly.

If you manage or own a restaurant try and be proactive when it comes to fixing old stuff before a real issue arises.

Ever wonder how can you set up tree root treatment on your sewer line?

Tree root removal is just as important as getting an oil change for your vehicle or going to an annual doctor appointment. Roots harden and thicken in your sewer line over time. By cleaning your sewer line annually and keeping up with root growth you will reduce the chance of having to spend thousands of dollars of excavation. Most companies charge over 5 thousand dollars for an easy 6 foot sewer repair. Tree root removal should be neglected. Each and every year you should have it cleaned before or after winter and be done with it. Cleaning a sewer line on maintenance is also cheaper then when your sewer line gets clogged.
Ken’s Sewer Service offers tree root removal at the highest quality service and an affordable price. Out rates are 1/3 the cost of any big name company around town and we perform higher quality work.
Main sewer systems are the pathway for all debris leaving your property and that enters the city main line. My opinion is that each main line should be cleaned and inspected before ever buying or selling a home. Seeing so many bad lines and seeing people having to replace drain pipe right after moving into their new dream home is never a fun site to see.
Just read the testimonials our own clientele have written about our company.
Ken’s Sewer Service provides exceptional drain cleaning and plumbing services to the entire Minneapolis-St. Paul Area (including all suburbs in the Twin Cities).

What’s growing in your sewer system?

You never know what’s inside your sewer line until you clean and camera your line.
Hire Ken’s Sewer Service for your next drain/sewer cleaning and video camera inspection.