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Plumbing installations for sinks and garbage disposals

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Installing a sink, faucet and garbage disposal make take some time but will be worth every penny you spend in the end to know the job is done right. Sure there will be maintenance throughout the years but that’s just like everything else in life. We all buy or lease cars knowing we have gas, insurance and minor repair expenses. Plumbing and drain cleaning is no different. Owning property is fun but their are expenses that need to be address every year. If you stay on top and are aware of what needs to be done you’ll be OK.

When installing a sink you need to make sure it’s secure and won’t leak or pivot. Sinks are anchored down with screws to the counter itself. Weather it’s a laminate or granite counter top the sink needs to properly secured. If your dealing with granite you’ll need to hire a professional granite counter guy. Cracking granite wouldn’t be much fun knowing how expensive granite sections are.

Once the sink in installed the faucet and any other accessories can be installed. The garbage disposal is another plumbing item that needs to be properly installed. Drain pipes of the garbage disposal need to be installed with the right pitch so there’s no back flow into ones dishwasher drain. We see all sorts of plumbing mistakes everyday with how garbage disposals are installed.

Money down the drain and wrongly spent

Wasting such fine resources such as water adds up on your monthly statement. Ask yourself if you’ve ever received a water bill from the city and your eyes just popped out and your jaw dropped. Ken’s Sewer Service solves this type of problem on a weekly to daily basis. Next time you com across a water source that’s malfunction call us (or a plumber) right away. This past week we had a client with a water bill over $500 from the city due to having a water leak and never even thought to repair the issue.

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We strongly dislike hearing from clients about their huge water bills. Typically, easy plumbing repairs is all that’s needed. Our technicians have years of field training and are knowledgeable with any leak. Ken’s Sewer Service specializes in all sorts of plumbing and drain cleaning.
Don’t get stuck with huge water bills in the future, let’s put a stop to wasting natural resources as well.

Plumbing Gift Certificate

The holiday season is all about giving so we’ve come up with a wonderful idea. Here at Ken’s Sewer Service we hear our clients all the time talking about performing more work but they just can’t afford it. This year instead of guessing what gifts your loved ones want, buy them a plumbing gift certificate.
If you know a friend that has a slow drain or a faucet/toilet that leaks non-stop giving them a plumbing gift certificate to pay for part of their repairs is the right way to go. Your friends will greatly appreciate this gift.
Here’s how it works:
At the time of scheduling an appointment for a friend you’ve decided to buy the plumbing gift certificate for, please call in with your visa information. Additional costs of job apply.
We look forward to hearing from your.
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