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Plumbing Internal Cartridge

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Plumbing cartridges come in all different shape and sizes and trust me from time to time their a headache to find.

Plumbing Cartridge

Plumbing Cartridge

From the length to the size to the hole’s and flat or bowed sides and tops, plumbing cartridges should have just been all made the same. But what fun would that be.

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Happy National Night Out

When getting together with neighbors remember to talk about all the service companies that you use. Don’t let your neighbor get stuck using the wrong service company. I know if I just moved into a new area I’d be grateful to know the good business’s from the bad. Meaning honesty, loyalty, and fair pricing for work completed.

Have fun and enjoy the night with good people.

National Night Out

National Night Out

Ever wonder how can you set up tree root treatment on your sewer line?

Tree root removal is just as important as getting an oil change for your vehicle or going to an annual doctor appointment. Roots harden and thicken in your sewer line over time. By cleaning your sewer line annually and keeping up with root growth you will reduce the chance of having to spend thousands of dollars of excavation. Most companies charge over 5 thousand dollars for an easy 6 foot sewer repair. Tree root removal should be neglected. Each and every year you should have it cleaned before or after winter and be done with it. Cleaning a sewer line on maintenance is also cheaper then when your sewer line gets clogged.
Ken’s Sewer Service offers tree root removal at the highest quality service and an affordable price. Out rates are 1/3 the cost of any big name company around town and we perform higher quality work.
Main sewer systems are the pathway for all debris leaving your property and that enters the city main line. My opinion is that each main line should be cleaned and inspected before ever buying or selling a home. Seeing so many bad lines and seeing people having to replace drain pipe right after moving into their new dream home is never a fun site to see.
Just read the testimonials our own clientele have written about our company.
Ken’s Sewer Service provides exceptional drain cleaning and plumbing services to the entire Minneapolis-St. Paul Area (including all suburbs in the Twin Cities).

Plumbing Flood Control For Sewer Lines

What you see below are roots on the end of a sewer cable. The reason roots puncture through your sewer line is because there in need of water. Even during years where we get plenty of water roots still grow and make there way in sewer lines. Roots don’t stop until they find on going water sources. Normally inside sewer lines water flows all day long. No matter if you have an old sewer clay pipe or new PVC pipe, roots will enter your sewer system at some point.


The only way on slowing down the process of roots entering inside your sewer system is to annually clean your sewer main line. This doesn’t mean rent a machine and do it yourself. It means hire a professional that performs this work on a daily basis and knows what needs to be done. Rented machines also don’t perform nearly as good as the ones the professionals use. Tree roots are the number one cause of shifting and collapsed pipes. Repairs made by excavation are not cheap and most diggings are due to tree root neglect.

Flood control is another huge problem for Minneapolis – St. Paul homes being their aging. By not cleaning out your drains yearly this will cause flooded basement and ruined personnel belongings. Sewers that flood in homeowners basements aren’t pretty and don’t stop until your clog drain is opened. We’ve seen horrible cases where entire basements have had to go through total remodel once the sewer system has been opened. The number one cause for sewer systems flooding are tree roots that grow within your sewer line. Homes not just in Minneapolis – St. Paul have this problem as well. Just because you’ve lived somewhere for 10 plus years and have never had a sewer line cleaned doesn’t mean your line is fine. Chances are your sewer line is in need of cleaning and you should think of getting it cleaned before you get hit with thousands of dollars of excavation costs.
Sewer lines that don’t have tree roots have scale and with hard debris that needs to be scarped out of the line. By not cleaning your sewer line it will slowing close up and excavation costs will be right around the corner.
Ken’s Sewer Service hires technicians with years of experience and are great at what they do.
Hire a plumbing and drain cleaning company that has a good reputation and is one that gets recommended by family members and friends.

Weekend Twin Cities Drain and Plumbing Company

Over the years we have made tons of new clients just from working on the weekends. Clients that have called on the weekends really need service then. Drains that get clogged up in ones home is always a scary feeling. But when the backed up drain line or broken water leak happens on the weekends it just ends up making the situation more stressful. The best way to create a new relationship or increase your clientele is by working on the weekend. When a company works on the weekend clients can trust you’ll be around in the future.
Ken’s Sewer Service is here for you no matter when your drain backs up.

Frozen outside exterior water source (sillcock)

This picture to me is just fascinating to me. Our company had a client that had a drippy outside exterior sillcock/hose bib and this is what happens. Temperatures in the negatives will cause this to happen to you if your faucet isn’t sealed tight. If your faucets drips before winter get it repaired and replaced so this doesn’t cause you major damage. All it takes is 32 degrees and colder to really make this happen.


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In the winter time walk around your property once a week. You never know what bizarre things are might find and what needs addressing ASAP. Be aware of what you have and what can possibly go wrong in the different temperature changes. If this pipe was not caught it time it would have possibly busted and leaked inside causing a huge mess and possibly major expense.
Flooding in or around your property can lead to major issues including mold.

Create a check list of items to check weekly in your home.

For example:
1. Water meter – Make sure your water meter is properly working and not running unnecessarily.
2. Check your heat settings – Make sure your furnace is working to par.
3. Water lines – Check your basement water lines to make sure there is no pin hole leaks
4. Outside Water Faucets – In the winter especially make sure their is no dripping.

If your experiencing drippy anywhere in your house for example from your sinks, tubs or toilets get that item repaired and looked at right away. Dripping and wasted water adds up on your monthly water bill.

If you have experienced any major plumbing issue please write back and share with us your stories. We’d like to hear from you.

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out sick

When your plumbing system is sick make sure you fix it right away. Just like humans don’t feel good at times our plumbing is the same. When your plumbing is malfunctioning remember the longer you wait to fix a problem the more expensive it will be. Plumbing and humans both age and both need help at times.