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Massive amount of tree-root debris in main sewer line

As a drain cleaner seeing roots this large in size isn’t uncommon, but does cause major damage resulting to excavation.

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roots in sewer line

roots in sewer line

Excavating any sewer line no matter how easy or hard in a pricey ordeal. Starting prices are around $2,500 for a single easy hole. If you have just undergone a major sewer repair make sure you tell your family and friends to get their sewer lines cleaned before an issue arises. Tree-roots aren’t friendly and they need to be cleaned annually.

Client of ours that get sewer lines cleaned annually are better off then the clients that call once every 3 years. Cleaning on a regular basis keeps the line in tact and roots to a control. Roots can quickly grow more then we’d like to see. In a dry season roots can grow in double speed. In years with plenty of water roots grow as well.

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Our company doesn’t want to see roots like in the above picture in our line. Sewer lines that don’t have roots will have other issues like dipped lines and sag and hold debris and shifted broke sewer tile.

No matter what property you own, having your sewer line cleaned and inspected is the smart way to go.

Plumbing installations for sinks and garbage disposals

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Installing a sink, faucet and garbage disposal make take some time but will be worth every penny you spend in the end to know the job is done right. Sure there will be maintenance throughout the years but that’s just like everything else in life. We all buy or lease cars knowing we have gas, insurance and minor repair expenses. Plumbing and drain cleaning is no different. Owning property is fun but their are expenses that need to be address every year. If you stay on top and are aware of what needs to be done you’ll be OK.

When installing a sink you need to make sure it’s secure and won’t leak or pivot. Sinks are anchored down with screws to the counter itself. Weather it’s a laminate or granite counter top the sink needs to properly secured. If your dealing with granite you’ll need to hire a professional granite counter guy. Cracking granite wouldn’t be much fun knowing how expensive granite sections are.

Once the sink in installed the faucet and any other accessories can be installed. The garbage disposal is another plumbing item that needs to be properly installed. Drain pipes of the garbage disposal need to be installed with the right pitch so there’s no back flow into ones dishwasher drain. We see all sorts of plumbing mistakes everyday with how garbage disposals are installed.

Ken-Way 400 Machinery

When blades get worn they start to shine and wear down. Blades don’t last forever but they sure hold up great and serve us well.

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Tree Root Intrusion into your sewer system

This is the amount of tree roots that was pulled out from one of our clients sewer lines. The growth of these roots only took 2 years. Sewer lines need to be cleaned annually to keep tree roots out of sewer lines. Excavation costs for repairing sewer pipe is at an all-time high.

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