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Plumbing Internal Cartridge

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Plumbing cartridges come in all different shape and sizes and trust me from time to time their a headache to find.

Plumbing Cartridge

Plumbing Cartridge

From the length to the size to the hole’s and flat or bowed sides and tops, plumbing cartridges should have just been all made the same. But what fun would that be.

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Repairing Laundry Tubs & Utility Sinks

Plumbers repair laundry tubs all the time weather their clogged or leaking from the traps. Knowing a good plumber when you need them most is crucial. Don’t get stuck hiring a plumber you don’t know.

Ken’s Sewer Service has been around since 1974 and has a terrific group of service technicians. Call us today and schedule any plumbing or drain cleaning appointment.

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Ken-Way 400 Machinery

When blades get worn they start to shine and wear down. Blades don’t last forever but they sure hold up great and serve us well.

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