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Wordless Wednesday!

Look what we found!

Below is a small amount of roots we found in a clients main sewer line. After their own handyman said he cleaned it look at what came out. Next time you go to clean your main sewer line hire a professional. Someone that doesn’t have the proper machine can’t do the right job. Have your main sewer line cleaned on maintenance and save some money in the long run.

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Stop all the hassles of cleaning and check this out

When shopping for a vacuum can be stressful, don’t let it be. Is cleaning your house a strain? After any service man comes and performs works in your home, wouldn’t it be nice to freshen up your floors for company later that day. Is taking out that heavy vacuum a pain and just dread about it. Well look no further, with this Oreck vacuum works on all types of flooring. This model vacuum is not all but eight pounds. No more back pain and hassle with moving that old cleaner from floor to floor in your home or cabin. Check out this video and contact us today at 612-501-9984. Let’s make it easy to clean up any mess.
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