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Five Plumbing Improvements to Increase the Value of Your Home

If you are currently thinking about selling your home or are wanting to invest in improvements for your forever home, here are a few plumbing upgrades to increase the value of your home. The most used rooms in the home are typically the kitchen and baths and they are worth investing the time, money and energy into. But don’t forget about the not-so aesthetically pleasing HVAC room and sewer lines. Today’s buyer is not only looking for a modern and current style in the fixtures and finishes, but they are also becoming increasingly more knowledgeable and concerned about the home’s fit and function as well.

Upgrade to new eco-friendly toilets. If you have any older toilets (10-15+ years old) in your home that seem to constantly run, leak or clog, consider installing new high-efficiency & water-conserving toilets that won’t sacrifice flushing power. We recommend Toto brand toilets. And you will save you $$$ on your water bill which is always a plus!

Replace your outdated or failing kitchen and bath faucets & fixtures with a style that fits your home’s décor. We recommend replacing two-handle faucets with single handle faucets as it’s becoming more difficult to find two-handle style replacements and parts – manufacturers simply are moving away from this type of production. Also, re-piping your older home’s galvanized and cast-iron piping with PVC, ABS, PEX & copper will instantly improve your home’s plumbing system. Old leaky faucets and piping not only add to your water bill but can lead to larger and more expensive repairs.

Slow drains? Increasingly, homebuyers are opting to perform drain line and main sewer line inspections as part of the whole home inspection. Don’t get caught off-guard with a time-sensitive main sewer line issue that you may not have been aware of. We suggest having your main sewer line and floor drain cleaned on an annual basis. Keeping your main line clean and in decent shape can help you retain top dollar during negotiations.

Consider installing or replacing your water softener. If your existing unit is 10-15+ years old (depending on how well maintained), it may be time to call Ken’s for our professional assessment. Adding a water softener to your home is always our recommendation. Soft water has whole house plumbing, appliance, cleaning, hygiene and long-term money saving benefits and will always add value.

Replace your water heater if it’s beyond the normal life expectancy and/or showing any signs of leaking and corrosion. Some of the components of a water heater that are failing or broken can be replaced or repaired. But, if the pipes inside are corroded, they will eventually leak, fail and the unit could possibly burst. No one wants an emergency flooding situation in their home, and no one wants to be without hot water for too long. Having new or newer mechanicals in your home supports and/or increases the value of your home.

Ken’s Sewer Service is here to help with all your home improvement needs! Please reach out to us today with any questions and to schedule your services.