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Sewer Line Tree Roots!

Some people are not as excited as us when we see this amount of tree roots removed and cut out from a sewer line. When our technicians send us pictures like this one below we are happy that we saved a client from spending a ton of money at that time.


Weather you own a commercial or residential property tree roots find a way inside your sewer line. Typically, all it takes is the smallest crack in a pipe. It does not matter what type of pipe, tree roots always break down your pipe at some point. This client above we saved thousands of dollars when we cleaned their sewer line and kept them from having to excavate when other companies said that would be the only way to open and get their line working functionally again.

Cleaning main sewer lines often and on routine maintenance will save thousands of dollars that you could spend elsewhere or at least have time to save up and not get hit with an unexpected expense. Have your main sewer line camera inspected before it is to late. Weather you are buying a house or have lived in a house for a long while, we can not stress enough how important it is to have your sewer line camera inspected and cleaned. There is no different between this and having your car brought in for a oil change several times a year.

Ken-Way Drain Snakes & Augers For Sale

Besides running a plumbing and drain cleaning company we wanted to make people aware that we also sell professional drain cleaning machines and augers.
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The brand of drain machinery we carry is called Ken-Way. Ken-Way is what our company uses and has trusted since the 1970’s. The Ken-Way has two drain machines for different sized pipes. The Ken-Way Jr. can be used for inside main lines and smaller sized pipes including 1 1/4, 1 1/2, 2 inch and more. The Ken-Way Jr. also come with a dolly. The Ken-Way 400 serves for cleaning out the main sewer line to the city main. We have used this machine since the beginning and we love the machine.
Call Ken’s Sewer Service today to buy or inquire information about buying one of these wonderful drain cleaning machines. Our direct number our 952-929-4146 or 612-501-9984