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Minneapolis MN commercial manhole sewage system

Below is a video of a manhole sewer line that our company cleaned out. As you can see in the trench at the bottom of the video the flow is fast. This is how it should look after cleaning a sewer line depending on the condition of the sewer line.

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Grease Traps in Commercial Restaurants

Commercial grease trap lines should to be cleaned out every 2 months. Don’t waiting until your restaurant is backing up during lunch or dinner. Cleaning a grease trap should be cleaned on maintenance.
The pictures below show what a clogged grease trap looks like and what a clean grease trap looks like.


Look what we found in a sewer line

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Everyday our company cleans several main sewer line throughout the city of Minneapolis/St. Paul and suburbs. Today we found a massive root build-up in a new customers house. At the beginning we thought they needed to camera and locate a broken pipe. After some time we ran 6″ blades through the line and pulled out this huge root. In our professional opinion any line that has roots should be inspected with a camera to see the condition of the pipe and should be set up on annual cleaning.