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Water Gambling?

Are you water gambling?

This phrase “water gambling” came to me in my sleep. I had a dream that I was wasting water from my bathroom sink faucet and that I received a bill that was out of this world. Everyone gambles their money in their own way. But what I don’t understand is why waste your money and our natural resources and on a simple fix?

It boggles my mind that when an individual has a plumbing problem they either act quickly to resolve it or they wait until they can’t stand it anymore (which at that point ends up costing more).

Wake up!

Plumbing issues in general don’t get better then only get worse. Ask yourself do we “humans” get better? The answer is sadly no. Sinks, toilets, bathtubs, faucets, sump pump, water heaters and softeners, and all drain lines break and need repair and some point. Individuals that try and tackle a plumbing or drain cleaning problem normally end up making the issue worse off. When your car breaks down you fix it, when your garage door doesn’t open anymore you fix it, when your refrigerator stops running you replace it, and when you have a pain that irritates you to know end you see a doctor. We receive several calls everyday from clients that have tried to repair there issue and they ended up just costing them more money.

If you want to go gamble for fun that’s fine but don’t “water gamble” your money away cause it goes fast.

Plumbing Repairs, Plumbing Installations, Drain Cleaning repairs and de-clogging, Camera sewer inspections to view the condition of your sewer system is all services we provide in the Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul area.

Video of a clean commercial sanitary drain line

MN plumbing & drain cleaning Company. Will be showing short video clips from the work our business performs.

I Hope you enjoyed the video.

This sanitary sewer drain line took some time to clean and wasn’t nearly flowing as well prior to the drain cleaning. Cleaning manholes takes a special skill and patients. If you rush the line cleaning the flow won’t look right. Hiring a plumbing and drain cleaning company that is reputable and that will treat you right is important.

Are goal is to get you up and flowing again before any serious issue arises. After your drain line gets open and we understand what your drain line is all about will set you up on maintenance in the future. We don’t want you to back up or clog again at the most inconvenient time. It seems like clogs always happen to people at night on the weekend or worse when people have a full house a company. If you work with us and understand the steps that need to be performed you’ll 100% feel more comfortable while were in your residential or commercial property.

This is our first short drain cleaning video clip and we hope to have many more following.

Thanks for taking time to view and read our blog.

Plumbing Gift Certificate

The holiday season is all about giving so we’ve come up with a wonderful idea. Here at Ken’s Sewer Service we hear our clients all the time talking about performing more work but they just can’t afford it. This year instead of guessing what gifts your loved ones want, buy them a plumbing gift certificate.
If you know a friend that has a slow drain or a faucet/toilet that leaks non-stop giving them a plumbing gift certificate to pay for part of their repairs is the right way to go. Your friends will greatly appreciate this gift.
Here’s how it works:
At the time of scheduling an appointment for a friend you’ve decided to buy the plumbing gift certificate for, please call in with your visa information. Additional costs of job apply.
We look forward to hearing from your.
Call 952-929-4146 for any questions.
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