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Unclogging bathtubs and Shower drains aren’t always a pretty sight.

root hair

By taking a shower or bath your drain gets all sorts of debris and sludge get built up inside. Drains can only handle so much debris before they get jammed packed and then clog up. In the picture above you see hair and other slimy debris our company pulled from ones bathtub drain line. Here in Golden Valley Ken’s Sewer Service can help you unplug your shower drain. If you know of drains that get clogged up in your home periodically you should have them cleaned on maintenance before a plugs begins. Never put any sort of chemical based product down any of your drains.
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St. Louis Park, MN local 24 Hour Plumbing Company

Going through all the pictures of tree roots our company Ken’s Sewer Service pulled out from sewer lines, this had to be top 5.


Roots also known as “tree roots” grow in sewer line weather you want them to or not. There is no way to get rid of them. By not maintaining your sewer line and cleaning your sewer system yearly roots will grow thicker and bigger. Eventually tree roots will break though your drain pipe and end up costing you major pocket book money to replace your sewer line.
This root our company pulled from a clients sewer line was over 5 feet long. This is one of many roots this size we extracted from clients sewer lines this past year. We keep many pictures of impressive roots to show our clients what our company is capable of pulling out of sewer lines. Clients are always amazed and surprised what’s inside their sewer lines. When our company diagnosis a sewer line with our camera technology, clients love seeing whats growing and living inside their line.
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Is your faucet sick?

Make sure you treat your faucet the way you would treat yourself or loved one.

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When your faucet isn’t turning off that means you need help. Dripping faucets can add up and cost you a lot of money. Get it fixed ASAP and don’t let a water leak ruin your home. Remember that leaking faucets can turn into leaky supply lines and ruin your personal belongings. Water is fun to play around in but not when it’s flooding your home. Make the necessary repairs you need on your plumbing.