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Cast Iron Sewer Drain Pipe Excelsior MN

When cities run smoke tests or a camera they can easily find out if your sewer line is broken. Tree-Roots, broken pipe, dirt, scale, foreign debris and everything else gets inside your private residential/commercial sewer drain system.


Cast iron Sewer Drain Pipe

Cast iron Sewer Drain Pipe

In this particular case the city ran a test before repairing the street and found out what residents had some sewer problem to address. This house in Excelsior, MN had water at times and smoke come up through the ground. Our company was called and went out to determine if there was a break in the sewer line and appropriately where. When we camera inspected the sewer line we indeed found a spot that was cracked and needed to be replaced. Lucky it was fairly shallow compared to most excavations.

Call for free quotes for excavating sewer lines. Ask us what our procedure is and how will we repair and solve your issue. No two (2) sewer lines in the city are the same but they all have one (1) thing in common, they break down and need repair. Repairing a sewer line isn’t fun and can be hard on the wallet but hiring the right company will save your thousands. Our company saves clients thousands of dollars every time a repair is made.

Never excavate until certainly proven. We look forward to hearing from you!