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Above & Beyond Plumbing Company

As often as time let’s me I like to write plumbing blogs about anything that comes to mind. Today’s blog is really about hiring a real plumbing and drain cleaning company and not just one’s that are gonna take advantage of you without you even knowing. A real down to earth plumbing company will go “above and beyond” what the average company will do. From the start.

Since late November after Thanksgiving the plumbing and drain cleaning industry has been extremely busy. Several companies are jammed packed with work 24 hours a day. Hiring a company that’s been around for several decades means and stands for something. Like our business were around cause were meant to be around. We treat the customer and situation right from the beginning. From the start when answering the phone and saying “sewer service how can I help you today” until we close with payment we do it right. Most companies just end after they get paid our company goes “above and beyond” but you’ll have to hire us to see what we do.

Ken’s Sewer Service handles plumbing and drain cleaning issues now for over 40 years and were proud of what we do and what we’ve accomplished. Our company has clients dating back to the 1970’s and they keep calling us cause we treat them right.

If your finding yourself in need a plumber call Ken’s Sewer Service today to get your leak stopped or your drains flowing downhill again. Call a family member or friend and chance are they might have even heard of our company cause we’ve been around for 40 years in the Twin Cities area.

Plumbing and Drain Cleaning is only a phone call away

History behind water fountains

Can you imagine life without water fountains. Think about all the places they are: Schools, parks, restaurants, near bathrooms, health clubs, sporting arenas, airports, office buildings, every store almost in the county has a water fountain. The water fountain was invented in the early 1900’s by two guys named Halsey Willard Taylor and Luther Haws. The oldest fountains took two or even three men to carry. The styles changed throughout time as well. The first water fountains were heavy and looked bulky. As time went on hey had to change cause schools needed all the room possible in the hallways. So they eventually created one’s that were wall mounted. Water fountains aren’t just convenient but are necessary. Make sure before installing a water fountain you have all the plumbing and electrical able to be brought to that spot. Today in many commercial building you need two water fountains next to each other at different heights for city code.