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Stop putting ANY chemicals down your drains

Time after time again we tell clients and future customers to stop putting any sort of chemical products down any of their drain lines. Most the time it just ends badly and ends up costing the owner of the property more money. Yesterday we received a service call that the homeowner said they poured two bottles of chemicals down their kitchen sink drain and the line didn’t open. Then they had a friend come over and try helping them out and he didn’t accomplish anything further. All they did was make their expense higher and our time harder.

We ended up unclogging their drain and repairing sections of pipe. Which meant on this job opening up walls and ceilings.

When your undergoing any plumbing or drain cleaning issue please call a professional like Ken’s Sewer Service. Being in business for over 40 years having excellent technicians on our staff. Our prices are the best in town for the service given.

Please share this post and let’s prove to the Twin Cities that Ken’s Sewer Service is the best in the business and is worth waiting for our technicians.

Old Looking House Water Meters

water meter valve

Eventually it will be time to replace your house water meter. Water meters along with everything else in the world doesn’t last forever. It’s very important to make sure your water meter works in case of an emergency. An unexpected emergency can happen at any time and if your water meter fails to work you can be in big trouble.
Call Ken’s Sewer Service to help update your meter today.
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