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Does your Laundry Tub Drain this good?

When arriving to our clients house they had clogged laundry tubs that we’re overflowing and the floor drain beneath was clogged too. After running our cables down both drains we had these drains draining better then they ever have before. Did you know that if your laundry tubs or floor drain are clogged you could experience flooding on your basement floor. Your water softener discharges several gallons of water and having your drain open and working will keep your basement from flooding and keep damage to a minimum if any at all.

Are Gas Prices Becoming Our Worst Enemy?

Companies have never charged trip charges until recently with gas prices rocketing sky high. Service companies that come out to your home carry lots of inventory with them. These service man typically need either a truck or van to hold all of the supplies. Driving has now become an additional expense. Not just a little expense, but a major increase.

Our company still has little to no trip charges.

Other companies are charging anywhere from $25-$69.00 to just come out and determine what the problem is. They will then write up an estimate required to complete the plumbing job.

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What people need to understand is that paying $5-$10 for a company to come out on top of the work performed is fine. It’s understandable to pay for a truck to come out to your home with gas prices hitting over $4/gallon. Stay away from companies that are making a living on just coming out and saying hi. These companies will end up giving you an extremely high price to perform the work as well. When all said and done you’ll end up spending 3 times the amount our company charges.

Hire a smaller local company that has been around for over 37 years and is known for giving clients good deals.
Have you ever experienced a company that has taken advantage of you? Write back to us, we’d enjoy hearing your story.