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Money down the drain and wrongly spent

Wasting such fine resources such as water adds up on your monthly statement. Ask yourself if you’ve ever received a water bill from the city and your eyes just popped out and your jaw dropped. Ken’s Sewer Service solves this type of problem on a weekly to daily basis. Next time you com across a water source that’s malfunction call us (or a plumber) right away. This past week we had a client with a water bill over $500 from the city due to having a water leak and never even thought to repair the issue.

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We strongly dislike hearing from clients about their huge water bills. Typically, easy plumbing repairs is all that’s needed. Our technicians have years of field training and are knowledgeable with any leak. Ken’s Sewer Service specializes in all sorts of plumbing and drain cleaning.
Don’t get stuck with huge water bills in the future, let’s put a stop to wasting natural resources as well.

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Is your faucet sick?

Make sure you treat your faucet the way you would treat yourself or loved one.

Ken’s Sewer Service can help you with any plumbing or drain cleaning repair you need done.

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When your faucet isn’t turning off that means you need help. Dripping faucets can add up and cost you a lot of money. Get it fixed ASAP and don’t let a water leak ruin your home. Remember that leaking faucets can turn into leaky supply lines and ruin your personal belongings. Water is fun to play around in but not when it’s flooding your home. Make the necessary repairs you need on your plumbing.

Weekend Plumbing

Have you ever experienced a water leak, flood or drain clogged on the weekend. Don’t worry any further our company services all plumbing and drain cleaning issues on the weekend. Some plumbing issues may have to wait for our supply house to open to get the right parts. If the problem is serious at least we can isolate the problem. The city might have to be contacted as well if the main shut at the main needs to be turned off. When you have a drain clogged call Ken’s Sewer Service for help. When you see a water leak call Ken’s Sewer Service to guide you in the right direction even before we step foot in your home or office.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Don’t be afraid to call a plumber on the weekend.
Were here for you!