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Commercial Restaurant Hand Washing Station In St. Louis Park MN

Our company repaired this expensive hand washing station so that the owners wouldn’t have to spend money on a new unit. We go above and beyond to find parts that weren’t at local plumbing supply houses. We have found commercial parts in other countries to repair plumbing faucets and sinks.

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Refinishing Hardwood Floors

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Over the past two weeks I’ve taken upon myself to refinish my beautiful hardwood floors that have been covered up with carpeting for several years. Since I’ve been experiencing this project first hand I wanted to take some time and provide all of you with the proper steps as to how to go about refinishing your floors the right way. I’ve notice that when buying material for refinishing the floors you might go back to the store several times and speak with different helpers around the store each time. Each of them will tell you three different ways on how to refinish your wood floors.
Here are the steps that worked for me.

Step One: Remove carpet & pad
Step Two: CAREFULLY remove all the staples, (even the hard to get ones).
Step Three: Remove the tact stripes
Step Four: Fill in with wood putty all the separated boards.
*** You do not have to fill in all the little whole from the tact stripes. This will be a nightmare when going to sand.
Step Five: Sand Sand Sand
*** Depending on if your changing the color of the floor or depending on the damage of the floor that will decide what grit sand paper to start with. If you don’t know how to sand ask before starting or have a friend help.
Step Six: Sweep and vacuum up all the loose debris.
Step Seven: Use rubbing alcohol to wipe down all the finer debris before you apply your first coat of stain.
Step Eight: Stain your floor. Use a 10 inch applicator that can attach to a broom stick.
Step Nine: Stain again if you want it slightly darker.
Step Ten: Apply your first coat of polyurethane.
Step Eleven: Lightly sand with 180-220 grit and wipe down with a tact cloth in between polyurethane coats.
Step Twelve: Repeat as many times as you want. I suggest minimum of 3 coats.
Step thirteen: Enjoy! Relax! and let dry for at least 3 days before moving furniture onto floors.
Please feel free to post pictures or write a comment on your home flooring projects.

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Drain covers can fall down in your sewer pipe?

Yesterday we solved a problem for a client that could of cost him thousands of dollars to repair. Our company is about helping customers out with all types of plumbing and drain cleaning problems. We treat all our client fair and with 100% respect. Yesterday we had a client that had a drain cover fall into their sewer line and another company said he would have to excavate to retrieve it. Our company sent out an experienced drain technician to solve the problem. After a couple hours we retrieved the broken drain.
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Montreal Sewer System

Sewers that are large enough to walk in comfortably are exceedingly rare. Examples like the Montreal sewer are pretty unusual, so use them sparingly, if at all.

Source: http://www.clanofthegraywolf.com/engineer-dm-better-fantasy-sewers

Fascinating objects our company has found in bathrooms!

We all have common items in our bathrooms that include toothpaste, shampoo, Q-tips, soap, kleenex, & toilet paper.
Being in the plumbing business for over thirty years, and going in and out of thousands of bathroom we have noticed some interested objects. Some of which include, walls decorated in dollar bills, mirrored walls, a gold plated toilet, fish tank walls, music set to an ocean breeze theme.
It’s always fun to see how people live and the uniqueness people can design.
If you live in a place with a cool bathroom and would like to share, please do.

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Wordless Wednesday!

Located in Akashi, Japan

Average time a person spends in the bathroom?

This information is quite interesting. I don’t think people can actually understand how much wasted time we spend in a bathroom. Enjoy!


Ways to give back

“The report shows people that volunteer have greater longevity, higher functional ability, lower rates of depression and less incidence of heart disease.” By reading the article provided I hope it encourages each of you to take time and volunteer. At one point or another we all wish we had a volunteer in our lives.


Dishwashers & Floors

When installing a dishwasher make sure to take extra percussion. Many kitchen floors are wood now a days, so remember that water and wood don’t mix well. We always recommend installing tile in the kitchen. Kitchen’s are meant to be able to hold up to a lot of abuse. We tend to spend most our time in the kitchen cooking and entertaining. Center islands are becoming more and more relevant. Friends and families sit around the kitchen high tops to watch TV and relax, you may ask yourself why would people ever leave the kitchen?
Dishwashers are prone to leak one day and create a huge headache. It’s important to make sure your kitchen sink line is clean and you hire a professional to make sure the lines under your sink are open and running. Some people with wood floors in the kitchen tend to have their kitchen sink lines run twice a year for maintenance before a major problem occurs. Next time your replacing a dishwasher make sure to hire a professional.

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