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Fascinating objects our company has found in bathrooms!

We all have common items in our bathrooms that include toothpaste, shampoo, Q-tips, soap, kleenex, & toilet paper.
Being in the plumbing business for over thirty years, and going in and out of thousands of bathroom we have noticed some interested objects. Some of which include, walls decorated in dollar bills, mirrored walls, a gold plated toilet, fish tank walls, music set to an ocean breeze theme.
It’s always fun to see how people live and the uniqueness people can design.
If you live in a place with a cool bathroom and would like to share, please do.

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How smart are “smart cars”

Don’t think for a second by owning a smart car your in the clear. There are always pro’s and con’s to everything you purchase in life. Just make sure when buying a smart car the pro’s outweigh the con’s. Let’s dive in a take a look at some of the benefits to the smart car. Not only does a smart car get 40 mpg, but is also environmentally friendly as well. Did you know what 95% of the vehicle is recyclable materials from construction. Smart cars are so tiny they can basically park anywhere. The smart car is only nine feet long. That’s two feet shorter then the Mini Cooper. The car is so small they even found room to fit four airbags inside.

Now let’s go over some of the con’s. One of the biggest issue to owning a smart car is the limited space. If this car is your only dependent car that could be a problem at times. When moving items from one location to another your may have to rent a truck or count on a friend. The smart car is so small that it makes it hard for other vehicles to see you on the road. Cause it’s smaller it may be able to maneuver out of an accident that an SUV or truck couldn’t avoid. Cruise control unfortunately doesn’t come equipped in smart cars, yet. How smart is a smart car when family can’t drive together? If you plan on going on a road trip or even out to dinner a smart car won’t get you all their together.
Personally, I hope one day they invent the “Smart truck”, in the near future of course.

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