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Plumbing Internal Cartridge

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Plumbing cartridges come in all different shape and sizes and trust me from time to time their a headache to find.

Plumbing Cartridge

Plumbing Cartridge

From the length to the size to the hole’s and flat or bowed sides and tops, plumbing cartridges should have just been all made the same. But what fun would that be.

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The Guys Garage

The garage is suppose to be a space for a guy to be able to get away from everything and relax. Weather it’s working on your car or any other project. The term I’ve heard for these rooms are called the “Man Cave”. Weather your man cave is the garage an office or a room in the basement all that matters is that space is entirely 100% your own.
Being in the plumbing and drain cleaning business for so long I’ve seen some pretty awesome garage layouts. I’ve always been one to park in my garage and use it for storage but some people have other ideas. I’ve never seen this garage but a friend of mine brought it to my attention.
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Ken’s Sewer Service cleans out garage floor drains all the time especially after winter with the sand and hard debris that goes down the drain. Garage floor drain are such an amenity to have cause people enjoy their cars/trucks so much. From washing their cars on a daily to weekly basis to installing more horse power it’s endless what they can do next.
Ken’s Sewer Service performs plumbing and drain cleaning services in Minneapolis & St. Paul including a 20 mile radius around.

Wayzata Minnesota water leaking through ceiling

Weather your experiencing a water leak through your ceiling or onto your cement basement floor it’s always a huge problem. Clients ask all the time how to prevent water leaks but really it’s hard to know when the next will spring. One way is by looking at your water and drain lines and seeing there condition and age. If your copper pipes look green it may be time to consider replacing some if not all your pipe. If the water lines are not copper in your home or office building it may mean there quite old. Lead and galvanized pipe means it may be time to consider replacing and updating those lines. Knowing exactly when to replace your water and drain lines is a very good question. Your local plumbing company can help out with that. Pin pointing what needs to get replaced should be left to the experience of the plumber. But taking action before an issue arises is the smart way to go.

Typically, when water is rushing through your ceiling it has to do with the plumbing coming from directly above and is normally from a bathroom. If you have a kitchen or other water sources above please check those areas. There are several drain and water lines that run through the walls of every property. Even in newer homes water leaks do happen and they are very unfortunate to encounter.

Ken’s Sewer Service repairs and replacing water lines each and every day for clients that have undergone water leakage. Our company has seen everything from little puddles to a ceiling that has fallen down and major repairs are needed. We understand when a water leak is happening this is considered an extreme emergency.
When having a major water leak the first step of action before calling a plumber is to turn off your main water source in the house.
If this valve can’t be found call a plumber for help or a friendly neighbor ASAP. Once the main water is shut off then the repair work starts and the negotiating of a plumber. Hiring a plumber isn’t always an easy process. Asking family members and friends is a great way to start. See who they’ve used in the past and make a pro and con list. Make sure you hire a plumbing company that is honest and trustworthy all the way to the ending bill.
Hire a local plumber that will not charge you travel fee. Ken’s Sewer Service – Wayzata plumbers is here for you with no travel cost fee. We explain over the phone and go over all pricing before even coming out. There are no hidden fees.
Your local Wayzata plumbers are here for you 24 hours a day. We know what an emergency is and we know what can wait and what can’t.
Wayzata Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Service is here for you help to solve any plumbing issue weather it’s an emergency or not.
While working on your plumber repair if your in need of any drain cleaning service our company can also help you out. Our company has full time drain cleaning professional technicians on our staff.
Ken’s Sewer Service has been servicing the Wayzata area since 1974.

Edina Drain Cleaning 24 Hour Service

Roots are around and not going away. What drain cleaning companies like ours have to do is explain to our clients how to maintain sewer lines. Controlling tree root growth is possible and were here to help you.

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Don’t hire a company that is in it for the one-time deal. Talk with family members and friends and see who’ve they used in the past. See if they got treated well all around from service and ordering service to the final price tag.

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St. Louis Park, MN local 24 Hour Plumbing Company

Going through all the pictures of tree roots our company Ken’s Sewer Service pulled out from sewer lines, this had to be top 5.


Roots also known as “tree roots” grow in sewer line weather you want them to or not. There is no way to get rid of them. By not maintaining your sewer line and cleaning your sewer system yearly roots will grow thicker and bigger. Eventually tree roots will break though your drain pipe and end up costing you major pocket book money to replace your sewer line.
This root our company pulled from a clients sewer line was over 5 feet long. This is one of many roots this size we extracted from clients sewer lines this past year. We keep many pictures of impressive roots to show our clients what our company is capable of pulling out of sewer lines. Clients are always amazed and surprised what’s inside their sewer lines. When our company diagnosis a sewer line with our camera technology, clients love seeing whats growing and living inside their line.
St. Louis Park Drain cleaning & Plumbing is what our company thrives at.
Ken’s Sewer Service installs, repairs and unclogs any and all drains.
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Ken’s Sewer Service

Ken’s Sewer Service services both plumbing and drain cleaning. This weekend was a very unusual weekend in the plumbing business. Typically weekends are quite due to the majority of people that think plumbers cost more. Most people with plumbing problems wait until Monday to call in and schedule an appointment. This weekend with over 15 emergency service calls it was extremely busy for a drain cleaning and plumbing business.

Thank you to all the clients that called in and put their trust in our company.

Frozen outside exterior water source (sillcock)

This picture to me is just fascinating to me. Our company had a client that had a drippy outside exterior sillcock/hose bib and this is what happens. Temperatures in the negatives will cause this to happen to you if your faucet isn’t sealed tight. If your faucets drips before winter get it repaired and replaced so this doesn’t cause you major damage. All it takes is 32 degrees and colder to really make this happen.


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In the winter time walk around your property once a week. You never know what bizarre things are might find and what needs addressing ASAP. Be aware of what you have and what can possibly go wrong in the different temperature changes. If this pipe was not caught it time it would have possibly busted and leaked inside causing a huge mess and possibly major expense.
Flooding in or around your property can lead to major issues including mold.

Create a check list of items to check weekly in your home.

For example:
1. Water meter – Make sure your water meter is properly working and not running unnecessarily.
2. Check your heat settings – Make sure your furnace is working to par.
3. Water lines – Check your basement water lines to make sure there is no pin hole leaks
4. Outside Water Faucets – In the winter especially make sure their is no dripping.

If your experiencing drippy anywhere in your house for example from your sinks, tubs or toilets get that item repaired and looked at right away. Dripping and wasted water adds up on your monthly water bill.

If you have experienced any major plumbing issue please write back and share with us your stories. We’d like to hear from you.

Don’t get surprised and left out in the cold

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ken’s Sewer Service would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Weekend Plumbing

Have you ever experienced a water leak, flood or drain clogged on the weekend. Don’t worry any further our company services all plumbing and drain cleaning issues on the weekend. Some plumbing issues may have to wait for our supply house to open to get the right parts. If the problem is serious at least we can isolate the problem. The city might have to be contacted as well if the main shut at the main needs to be turned off. When you have a drain clogged call Ken’s Sewer Service for help. When you see a water leak call Ken’s Sewer Service to guide you in the right direction even before we step foot in your home or office.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Don’t be afraid to call a plumber on the weekend.
Were here for you!

St. Louis Park Thank You Letter From The Major

It’s so nice and rewarding to get these kind of letters in the mail. It’s wonderful to know our technicians are good at what they do, and treat our clients with the utmost respect. Everyday our technicians work so hard unclogging drains and repairing leaking plumbing. It’s nice when a client of ours takes their time to write a letter to the city explaining to them how great our company was. Thank you again for the kind words. We really appreciate it.